About ‘The Journey Home’.

This is the story of two young men in the beginning of Iron age, one born to a life in service to the Mother Goddess and the other sold into slavery.

Darius is a Native of Bronze Age England, living through the transition of the Bronze Age into the Iron Age, born to serve the Great Mother.

Rihann is of the invading Celtic tribes, who slowly took over and changed the Bronze Age culture of England.  He is sold into slavery to a Greek merchant.

Both have to navigate through the trials and challenges of finding their way home to the heart of the Mother Goddess and each has to come face to face with their own gifts, and demons, in order to reach her. A journey which takes many years as they strive to overcome their challenges and develop their hidden gifts.


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I was born in Australia, grew up in Ireland,Spain and England. I am Irish by nationality.I am married to Omar, who is from the West Bank in Luxor, and have five children , and two grand-daughters. I am the originator of a healing system called The Gaia Method which is based on ancient Mother Goddess Mysteries and is a method of healing the Soul of the Earth and its people through nature. When I am not working with other people I love doing research. I trained as an archaeologist for three years in the university of Winchester and also did many years training as a psychodynamic counsellor specialising in Rape, abuse and Domestic violence. I am a 'Master' of quite a few Reiki modalities and also a Magnified Healing teacher. I have done too many spiritual/healing workshops and training to mention! I have travelled to many places to do environmental healing and in the process rediscovered ancient knowledge. An on-going process. I am currently writing, travelling, spinning, knitting and creating, and living in Gurna on the West Bank in Luxor, and in Winchester with my daughters and granddaughters. Bridging the two countries energetically.

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